About Us


Maniera is a women’s ready-to-wear label that designs classic pieces for the twenty-first century woman. Created with purpose, each piece is designed to be cherished; sculptured around the principle of proportion and contrasting features – Structure and softness, black and white, past and future, masculine and feminine.

Founded in 2016 by creative director Olga Moore, Sydney-based MANIERA builds each collection around a specific concept that evolves from season to season, rapidly building the signature foundation of grace, sensuality and ease. With a fine balance between progressive and timeless design, there is a strong focus on producing polished, authentic pieces, made from exceptional fabrication and craftsmanship.

The name Maniera, first applied to Italian art, is the foundational noun for mannerism, meaning the ‘way’.

Design and manufacture is based in Sydney, and coincides with the core values of the brand, which is to produce garments locally of high quality. Each item is made in limited runs of 15-40 pieces, sold online and in stores. Therefore each owner of a Maniera piece has an item not worn by many, no waste and no mass production.

Maniera is proudly Australian.